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Choosing the Best TENS Unit For Back Pain Treatment

by Family Low Prices • July 26, 2017 • No Comments

Choosing the Best TENS Unit For Back Pain Treatment

Chronic pain in the lower back is extremely common and affects millions of people throughout the world. All the physical efforts we put ourselves through cause us to put more pressure on our back muscles and spine than they can handle, thus often resulting in excruciating chronic pain that is enough to disrupt anyone’s life.

The worst part about back pain is that it is difficult to treat. People often use massaging tools, stretching exercises and even strong medicines for pain relief and to keep back pain under control. But most of this pain relief, however, are only short-term measures and ultimately don’t work at all.

This is where the use of a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation unit, or TENS unit pulse massager, comes into its own. A TENS unit works effectively as a drug-free solution to your acute pain problems.

With a TENS unit for back pain, you can trigger nerves in your body while the blood flow is stimulated in those areas. This helps stop the nerves being trapped or damaged. Also, the stimulation sends messages to your brain that block pain signals from the lower back area. This, in turn, eases the pressure and pain on your back and leaves you feeling as though you don’t have any back pain at all.

There are numerous options to look at when finding a TENS unit for your back pain treatment needs. Here are a few of the best options you can use when aiming to keep your back pain-free.

4 Electrode Health Care Therapy Massageador

4 Electrode Health Care Therapy MassageadorThis first choice is made offers four electrodes (pads) that come in a flexible ribbon shape. These electrode pads offer different pulse widths and can be applied onto the affected area and will stay put thanks to their curved shape, which conform to the natural shape of your body. Each pad is also soft and works in a number of sensations including cupping, massage, thumping, acupuncture, and scraping options.

The control unit allows you to adjust the timer on the TENS unit. You can also control the intensity of each massaging motion. You can quickly switch from one mode to the next while the simple display screen gives you full information on each motion you are using.


  • Detailed display screen
  • Simple control scheme
  • The pads are very comfortable


  • Batteries can run out quickly
  • Only has one port for energy

Mini Dual TENS Machine Digital Massage

Mini Dual TENS Machine Digital MassageWhen looking for a TENS unit for back pain and electrical nerve stimulation that is a little more comprehensive, this device is a good choice. It uses a four-lead wire that lets you use four pads on a single output. This allows for more control over your TENS treatment.

There are six programmable massage options on this unit. These can be adjusted with 1 – 20 electrical impulse levels of intensity to alter the muscle stimulation for effective acute pain management. It also uses a timer that works for up to 60 minutes at a time. You can also keep it running for about ten hours straight off of one charge of its lithium-ion battery.

The electrodes are designed with both large and compact sizes. The larger pads are designed to be used for the flatter areas of your back while the smaller ones are adept at working the areas in the bends or curves of your back and spine.


  • Digital menu is easy to navigate
  • 20 electrical impulse levels
  • Pads are comfortable and can adhere to your back easily
  • Easy to charge the device


  • Display screen is rather small
  • Control buttons are also small

Dual TENS Machine Digital Low

Dual TENS Machine Digital LowAnother option with four flexible curved pads, this TENS unit for back pain and muscle stimulation needs offers a controller with an LCD screen. This electronic muscle stimulator works like a virtual physical therapist and has carefully labelled buttons that let you control the pulse rates and intensity of the treatment and the type of motion being used. You can also use buttons to optimize the unit’s functions by triggering it to identify massage motions for your back among other parts.

This uses two separate ports for both pairs of electrode pads. This allows you to control the two pairs independently, based on the type of treatment you need on each part of your back. The ports are also located in the same section of the control panel so they won’t be at risk of wearing out.

An acupuncture pen activator that comes with the machine is also ideal for when you have specific areas on the back that need treatment. The easy-to-use pen works with the machine to trigger a gentle massaging motion and produces a little pressure in order to stimulate nerves and to block pain signals. This is convenient but it works best when you have another person on hand to do it for you.


  • Dual channel LCD display and timer is easy to program and control the pulse rates
  • Offers automatic and non-automatic functions
  • Pads are flexible and can easily be applied to any part of the body
  • Works with just two AAA batteries


  • The pads can wear out after about 30 to 50 uses
  • Takes a little time to start up

Body Healthy Care Digital Meridian TENS Therapy Massager Machine

Body Healthy Care Digital Meridian TENS Therapy Massager MachineThe last choice on this list is a digital massager that can be charged with either a USB cable or three AAA batteries. This comes with eight electrode pads that are linked by two four-way wires. The two wires connect to separate ports so you can adjust these two parts separated from one another.

It is controlled by an ergonomic unit that offers buttons to adjust the mode being used, the time, and the intensity of the treatment. It relaxes pains with stroking, cupping, scraping, and manipulation movements among others. The electronic pulses generated also stimulate pressure points where nerves are often at a risk of wearing out at. The treatment relaxes the body and keeps it from feeling stiff and aching.


  • Easy to set up the timer and intensity level of each treatment
  • Flexible pads are contoured to fit on your back
  • Easy-to-read control screen


  • Batteries don’t last too long; it works best when powered by the USB cable
  • Not as many intensity levels

These TENS units for back pain treatment are important choices to use when aiming to keep your back from feeling stiff or in need of treatment. You will enjoy how well these units work in keeping your back muscles loose and free from severe aches and pains.


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