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Find Value in Tech: The Most Financially Economical Smart Watches

by Family Low Prices • May 20, 2017 • No Comments



Do you need a quality wristwatch and trying to find value for your money? Family Low Prices have some of the best cheap smart watches (as known as android wear smartwatches) that you can ever think of and their prices are really good. Now you can shop in their store knowing that your wallet will not go dry easily because of the store’s low prices on watches and other accessories. Here are some wonderfully wearable android smartwatches that are not expensive to buy and will ensure a real deal with a long battery life, beautiful watch faces, monitor apps, such as heart rate monitors, and other smartwatch app developments.

  1. Smart Watch GT08

Smart Watch GT08The Smart Watch GT08 is a sought-after device to own not only because of its affordable price tag but also because of its outstanding features.

It is among the cheap android phones that are found at Family Low Prices and it is made with all the necessary functions a class watch is supposed to possess. Yet, it is still able to remain at a reasonable low priced level.

This highly crafted watch is going for only $19.98 on the Family Low Prices’ site and you can own it just by a click of a button.


  • Stand alone phone functions: This function makes you carry out your own personal day-to-day errands such as make you make calls to your party’s number and gives you an extended memory capacity of up to 32 GB.
  • Built-in slot for your SIM card.
  • Focal point function: This function will help you carry out remote synchronization, control the kind of music you play, properly record your sounds, and even help you find your phone in case it gets lost.
  • Lithium battery use: The battery used in this item will allow you to chat on calls for 4 – 6 hours without going dead.
  • Built-in remote videos and camera.
  • Other features.


Smart Watch GT08 stands as one of the main attractions on the market today. With its built-in features ready to use, this android wear allows you to keep track of time and enjoy other wonderful functions as well. Since the price of this remarkable watch is so affordable, you can purchase one and improve your lifestyle as well as your wallet.

  1. Surmos GW09 Smart Watchsmart watchs

The Surmos GW09 smart watch is something out of the ordinary. It is properly made and the design is colorful. It will look great on any wrist and the price on Family Low Prices’ site is just US$42.61.

This product item is just right for the taking and you might not want to trust other watches on your hand because they do not have all the features that Surmos has. The features are a dream comes true for you.


  • 3G mobile phone: This feature lets you have the edge in one of the latest communication technologies. It allows you to carry out direct telephone dialing and you also get a phone book to use whenever you want to as an additional bonus.
  • AP applications: This application app is downloadable and available to you if you so desire to use it.
  • Remote camera: Your remote camera carries 5 megapixels and 720 high-definition resolution. With such a powerful camera installed into the device, you can take as many selfies as you desire and send them to your family members and friends.
  • Lost phone feature: If your phone gets lost, not to worry because it carries an alarm that triggers once it leaves your wrist for only a few minutes.
  • Bright screen: The screen will automatically get brighter just by waving your hand. This is a great way to get the attention you need from others in case you are not being noticed.
  • Sleep monitor: The watch is designed to monitor your sleep. If you are experiencing difficulties in your sleep, the wristwatch will show this. This is a healthy way to enjoy your sleep.
  • Pedometer: Your pedometer will record the number of steps you take, number of calories you consume and the speed at which you walk or run.


The Surmos GW09 watch is a smart buy for you and you can count on it to keep you well informed in a number of ways such as giving you the time of day, the speed at which you physically move around, and, in addition, it helps you to keep in touch with loved ones as well. It is cheap technology to own and it is easy to handle.

  1. Bluetooth Smart Watch Z01

wirelees watchThe Bluetooth Smart Watch Z01 comes with awesome assembly of components that are breathtaking. It is only priced at $67.99 and you can take it anywhere with you because it is designed to last a long time.

The features in this watch mechanism are hard to beat and this is proof that Family Low Prices is giving you a great technology masterpiece for a low price.


  • WIFI and 3G support.
  • High-definition camera for taking pictures.
  • Android 5.1 support for your Google map, Google Voice, and Whatsapp, as well as give you multitasking interface maintenance.
  • Intellectual dual system experience so you can use your iOS, android comfortable.
  • Navigation system that has GPS tracking.
  • Heart rate monitor so you will know when your heart is beating faster than usual or when it is slowing down. This feature will alert you in time so that you can go see a doctor as soon as possible
  • Waterproof power.


Surmos GW09 is a flashy wristwatch that is designed to please wearers. Its features are up-to-par with other similar watches like it that are competing in the same niche. It is a wonderful expression of what technology can do and you can feel comfortable wearing it. Owning this master timepiece is an elegant way of saying you are among the elite in society.


The three smart watches mention in this post that Family Low Prices are selling are priceless and yet cheap enough for everyone to buy. Owning one of these cheap smart watches will help your status queue to improve and your stature will increase as well. If your wrist could speak, it would thank you for decorating it with such an exquisitely designed watch that is made to make the wearer look more stylish. You can say thank you to Family Low Prices for giving you such a wonderful opportunity to look and be your best.

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