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The Best Kids Smart Watch for Everyday Use at School and Sports

by Family Low Prices • May 26, 2017 • No Comments

kids smart watch

Buying a G75 GPS kids smart watch for your 3 – 12-year-old child is a great way to say you love them and Family Low Prices has just what you are looking for so you can keep in touch with your child away at school or during sporting activities. This solid timepiece will look good on your child’s hand and wearing it will make your kid stand out from the crowd. The features of these wristwatches (also known as wear smartwatches) are awesome and you can monitor your child’s education or sporting activities any time of the day when they are away from you. After all, you want the best for your son or daughter and you would like them to feel special.

G75 GPS Tracker Watch

gps watchThe G75 GPS Tracker Watch that Family Low Prices has on sale is a sight to behold because it is made especially for children.

The watch is specially designed to catch the fancy of any child and may come with a popular cartoon character or a juicy apple on its face.

Having one of these kids’ android wear smartwatches is priceless and your kid will enjoy every moment wearing it to school and to any sporting activity held.


As a child’s or youngster’s wristwatch, the features are so attractive that they even attract the attention of many adults. Instead of spending hours worrying whether your little one is doing OK, placing such a great little device around their wrist so that you can keep proper track on their whereabouts is a matter of high importance.

Among the main features of the kiddies’ watch are the SOS phone Android and IOS anti-lost smart alarm bracelet. All the features are present because the watch is designed to protect your child from outside harm that can come from the wrong set of persons whether at school or at a sporting event.

  • Pedometer

The pedometer is a great feature to have around your child’s wrist because it is designed to record their every step taken during running. As a parent, you know that your child often enjoys their fun times at school during break or while playing their favorite sport. Letting your kid wear the cute little device will help protect their health during playtime.

  • Alarm clockAlarm clock

The alarm clock is specially placed on the wristwatch to help your child to get up on time

. This feature will help bring to your child’s attention the need to keep timely appointments like school or church hours and will instill discipline to rise from sleep at the appointed time.

  • Sleep monitor

The watch also carries a sleep monitor to keep check of your kid’s heart rate during rest time. It gives them the convenience of getting a healthy sleep when being worn out during bedtime.

  • Anti-harassment feature

To protect your kid from bad influences, the manufacturer designed the watch with anti-harassment attributes that can keep them safe. Therefore, when you set up the watch to receive calls filtered from the central numbers or phone book in the system, the watch will automatically reject all other numbers it does not recognize. The activity tracker feature will help keep your child stay safe from potentially malicious people could be intent on carrying out harm on your child.

Other functions of G75

Other functions of this kiddies’ timepiece that are advantageous to your child’s well-being and fun are worth noting:

  1. Camera
  2. Photo sender
  3. Phone book
  4. Early childhood
  5. Class schedule
  6. Two-way communication
  7. Talk back
  8. Friends add-ons
  9. GP tracker, WIFI, AGPS, LBS
  10. SOS call alarm
  11. 500 meters geo fence
  12. Low battery alarm
  13. History tracking
  14. Tamper alarm
  15. Real-time tracking (activity tracker is free)
  16. Free kindred and iOS APP
  17. Touchscreen
  18. Camera multifunction
  19. Games
  20. Weather
  21. SMS alarm
  22. Watch find feature
  23. Water resistant
  24. Long lasting battery life


wrist watchThe G75 has many features of an adult wristwatch so that you can start training your child to be responsible from an early stage in life. This wrist mechanism is a perfectly wearable device and is your child’s first line of defense as it helps to keep them safe from potential predators with real-time tracking. Buying a G75 watch for your kid will help lower the stress parents often feel when their child is away from them. With such a great device securely strapped around your child’s wrist will ensure that you can always check up on them with two-way communication without hindering their freedom—even when they are a distance away from you. You will know every situation your child is coming up against even though they might be away from home and chances are you will know precisely what action to take.

Not only is the watch a safe sanctuary for your child, it also provides entertainment for them so you can get on with your day while they are occupied playing games that can be found on it. In addition, if your child has passed the toddler stage and is responsible enough, they can capture special memories by using the camera to take “selfies” and other snapshots. No longer will you feel worried and out of touch with your kid but you will be one step ahead because of the stress-free capabilities the watch offers you.


The G75 GPS Tracker Watch is your answer to keeping your child safe from harm’s way because of its powerful features. It comes with all the necessary arrays that your child needs to stay in touch with you and is a remarkable way to teach them about responsibility. Your child will enjoy wearing their little timer around their wrist at school and sporting activities any day of the week and this kid’s smart watch that is on sale at Family Low Prices is just the right device for the job. What better way of staying in touch during school or sport meets with your child than using the extraordinary GPS tracker wristwatch that helps you stay in control at all times? In the long run, your child will love you for it!

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