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Selecting The Best Seat Cushion for Back Pain Relief

by Family Low Prices • January 27, 2018 • No Comments

Those who sit on their chairs for long durations at a stretch start to feel soreness. To avoid the feeling of discomfort caused by sitting on angular chairs, it is desirable to make use of seat cushions. These cushions are soft bags containing materials like wool, fur, hairs, and fibers to provide comfort to the user. The main purpose of a seat cushion is to reduce the discomfort caused by hard and angular chairs.

Seat cushions have been in use since ages. Cushions were large in earlier times but they have become smaller in keeping with the trend of smaller furniture items like chairs and sofa sets. Today they are considered a part of the upholstery rather than a furniture item. These seat cushions are used in all cultures across the world.

Seat Cushions for more comfort and better boddy posture

If you spend a large part of the day sitting on a chair in office or drive a car for long time periods, it is necessary for you to place a seat cushion on your seat. A seat cushion not only makes it more comfortable and pleasurable for you when sitting on a chair but also reduces chances of pain or soreness. If you are driving your car for a long time you do not realize the discomfort caused by sitting on the seat of the car. Manufacturers of car seats focus more upon durability than the comfort of the driver. You can get a lot of comfort by simply placing a seat cover on the seat of the car. It also helps in maintaining a better posture while driving the car.

Thousands of men and women are forced to sit on their office chairs for many hours at stretch. This is because they are required to work on computers and it is not possible for them to move around to get some comfort. Sitting on the office chair for a long time can put pressure on the neck and the back of the individual. It is common for these men and women to start experiencing back and neck pains as they do not get the comfort and support for their body that they need. This comfort can be easily obtained by simply placing a quality seat cushion of the office chair. More than the comfort, this seat cushion proves crucial in preventing neck and back pains that can make life hell for these people.

Different types of seat cushion

Importance of Back Pain Treatment

These seat cushions are the most popular type of cushions. Made of memory foam, they are lightweight and can be easily carried to all laces. They are also very durable and last a very long time. Foam compresses to provide full support but takes its original shape once the person gets up from his seat. These seat cushions have hypo allergic properties to be suitable even for those who suffer from different types of allergies.

Gel seat cushions

These cushions contain specially formulated gel that compresses according to pressure points. The gel then realigns to provide a very stable surface for sitting. Gel has the property to disperse the pressure of the body evenly which helps in improving the blood circulation. Many people find these seat cushions not only highly comfortable but also helpful in marinating correct posture. Further gel seat cushions have therapeutic properties and users report many health benefits after using them. Gel seat cushions are portable and very durable.

Foam seat cushions

These seat cushions are the cheapest and very commonly used for support and comfort by people around the world. They are not as good as memory foam but nevertheless provide decent amount of support and comfort to the people while sitting on a chair.

Coccyx seat cushions

Coccyx seat cushions are a special kind of cushion that has orthopedic features. As the name suggests, these seat cushions are specially designed to provide comfort to the tailbone, also called coccyx. If there is persistent pain in coccyx and it continues for long time it can hamper with the ability to walk and climb stairs. If you use coccyx seat cushion while sitting on your office chair, you can avoid such problems easily. The design of these cushions is such that they elevate the pelvis and thus prevent pain in the tailbone. These cushions provide gentle support to the lower spine and help in maintaining correct posture while sitting.

Wheelchair seat cushions

As the name suggests, these seat cushions are designs for the use of individuals who remain wheelchair bound because of one or the other disability. These cushions are designed to improve comfort and also to allow the user to maintain correct posture while sitting in the wheelchair. These cushions stabilise the pelvis of the individual and prevent chances of pain and discomfort arising out of sitting in the wheelchair for long periods of time.

People Who Can Benefit From A Seat Cushion

Seat cushions are beneficial for all people who use them. They can be used by anyone for added comfort and convenience at home and office. However, there are certain categories of individuals who find them very useful and beneficial for health.

People using wheelchair

It is hard to imagine being confined to a wheelchair but this is how people suffering from various physical disabilities live their life. Seat cushions prove to be very beneficial for such people as they take care of their comfort. These cushions also help in maintaining correct posture while sitting on the wheelchair. As different people make use of different wheelchairs, it is important to get a custom designed seat cushion that fits the wheelchair properly.

Truck drivers

Truck drivers are required to drive their vehicles continuously without taking any rest for many hours. They need all the comfort that they can get while sitting on the steering as they have to remain alert and cautious all the time because of heavy traffic conditions. Seat cushions keep them comfortable while driving and also reduce chances of any discomfort or pain which is common with continuous driving on the road.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women need extra comfort when they are carrying a baby inside their womb. Seat cushion provide this comfort whether they are working in the office or when sitting on a chair at home. These cushions provide the right support to their pelvis and back which is important in maintaining the right posture.

People who suffer from coccyx pain

Thousands of men and women across the country suffer from tailbone pain. This pain, when it is allowed to persist for a long time can have serious impact on their health. Coccyx seat cushions are designed to provide support to the coccyx by keeping the pelvis elevated. These seat cushions have therapeutic properties as well. This is why doctors prescribe coccyx seat cushions for those suffering from coccyx pain.

People suffering from back pain

Back pain is a very common problem among men and women who have to sit on their chairs continuously for long hours at the office. Chronic back pains can make life living hell for these individuals. There are specially designed lumbar cushions that can help in providing support to the back while sitting in a chair in the office. It has been found that people who use lumbar cushions at office do not report problem of back pain.

Reasons To Purchase A Seat Cushion

For extra comfort while sitting or reclining

Seat cushions are made from a soft material that compresses when a person sits upon them. It allows the pressure points on the hip to be evenly distributed. This provides a lot of comfort to the individual when he is sitting on a chair whether at home or when working in the office.

For better health

Seat cushions are beneficial for the health of users. They not only provide comfort but also help in preventing back pains and coccyx pain. They also help in combating the problems of neck and shoulder pain that are common among men and women working at computers for a long time.

For reducing vibrations

There are many workplaces where workers experience vibrations because of heavy machinery that is being used. If you are troubled by these vibrations at workplace, you can find relief by placing a seat cushion on your chair.

For overcoming body aches and pains

Many people believe that they are comfortable when sitting on a chair ay workplace. What they do not realize is that if they do not maintain the right posture, they can easily become afflicted with various kinds of pains and body aches. Seat cushions not only provide comfort but also help in maintaining the right posture while sitting on a chair in the office. If you have been experiencing these pains and body aches of late, you can easily get rid of them by simply using a seat cushion at office.

For improving blood flow in your body

Sitting for a long time on a chair can hinder free flow of blood throughout your body. This is the case not just with those working on computers for a long time but also truck drivers who remain confined on their seat for long hours at stretch. By placing a good quality cushion seat on your seat or chair, you can not only feel more comfortable but also ensure a better blood flow to all parts of your body.

If you are desirous of extra comfort or want to overcome body aches, a seat cushion is the best option for you. Find a high quality seat cushion from the market today for more comfort and better health.

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