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A Buyer’s Guide to Selecting the Best Smart Watches for Women

by Family Low Prices • May 26, 2017 • No Comments

Best Smart Watches for Women


Women love to look their best, especially when they are out in the public eye and you are no exception to the rule. This is why Family Low Prices has a great smart watch series (also known as wear smartwatches) for women available in their collection and you can be sure that wearing one of them will make you look your best and offer many apps to help you get through the day with a breeze.  Elegant things belong to the most beautiful women in the world and you are one of those women! Therefore, let your hair down as you wear your shiny smart watch out in public.

  1. Irisshine C6 Unisex Watchandriod watch

The Irisshine C6 android wear smartwatch on sale at Family Low Prices is a total turn on for women because it has all the features a woman would love. It is designed to look great and wearing it out will give you that boost of attractiveness that you know you deserve.

You will look great wearing your best friend around your wrist and you will feel comfortable around elite people as well. Your friends will enjoy being with you because of the increased status the latest smartwatch gives you as it is wearable and goes with any outfit—and you will always stand out from the crowd.


  • Pedometer for fitness tracking
  • Heart-rate monitor
  • Sleep monitor
  • Incoming call reminder
  • Remote camera
  • Anti-lost phone
  • Calorie burn tracker
  • Miles covered
  • Calendar
  • Alert
  • Clock
  • Setting
  • Edometer
  • Dialer
  • SMS/IM
  • Bluetooth
  • Good battery life


Since all the features are involved in the operation of the Irisshine C6, you are sure to remain in control every day and, in addition, numerous apps allow you to monitor your health better with a pedometer, heart-rate monitor and calorie watch tracker to maximize fitness tracking and gives notifications when something is wrong.

This device has a good battery life and gives you the maximum service so that you can keep to your day-to-day schedule without getting stressed out.

Even when sleeping it has you covered because of the sleep monitor app that monitors your heart rate as you rest. What better way to shine in public than with this incredibly wearable Irisshine apparatus around your wrist.

  1. SURMOS Z80 Smart WatchSURMOS Z80 Smart Watch for Senior Women

If you are in your twilight years and still moving up in age then the SURMOS Z80 is your type of smart watch to own.

It has all the capabilities of helping you throughout your aging years and it helps you adjust as well. Its features hit the nail right on the head and you can feel safer having it wearing around your wrist as you age in style.


  • Gives accurate heart rate monitoring
  • WIFI enabled
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS tracking/Navigation
  • Nano SIM
  • Heart rate monitor
  • SOS help call
  • Video/Video chat
  • Gives health alert so you will drink your water, take medication and do sedentary functions throughout the day
  • Pedometer that helps monitor your movements, especially during exercise
  • CPU clock
  • Alarm
  • Camera
  • Water resistant
  • Time synchronization
  • 3G networking
  • Android Application download
  • Other features


Since you take your age as a woman seriously, the SURMOS Z80 smart water resistant wristwatch that Family Low Prices is pushing is the right touch for you. It has all the right features, such as a GPS navigation system that you need to help you get on with your day.  It is sharp and to the point and covers most aspects that are usually a concern for the female who needs the right encouragement to age gracefully. Therefore, wear your SURMOS anywhere you are going and you will be in safe hands.

  1. Irisshine C6 Q18S Smart Watch

wrist watch womenThe Irisshine C6 Q18S is a top-notch collection to have in your possession because it fulfills every function a watch is supposed to do.

As a woman, you know that certain roles are yours and you can meet those demands in style if you have a companion on your wrist like the one that Family Low Prices is selling, which is the Q18S smart watch.

The product is of a high-quality make and comes with various features that you will enjoy putting into action. Wearing such an important piece of merchandise around your wrist will help to make your day a more enjoyable one.


  • High-quality design
  • SIM card use
  • Android, iOS, Android tablet, mobile phone, and PC compatibility
  • Touch screen
  • 3M camera
  • Version 3.0 Bluetooth
  • Battery connection
  • Phone book
  • Phone recording capacity
  • Text messaging
  • Music
  • Phone calls reminder
  • Clock
  • Anti-lost/lost reminder
  • Sleep monitor
  • Memory storage
  • Picture taking/picture shows
  • Pedometer
  • Sleep monitor
  • Compass
  • Set time synchronization
  • Calendar
  • Stop watch
  • Calculator
  • Social media
  • Settings information


The Q18S Irisshine smart watch is worth a second look because of its dominant features. It is designed to please its female owners and you just could not want to have a better companion around with you than your well-groomed timepiece. Your days will be filled with excitement as you put to work all the different functions the watch carries. Since you are a lady in every way, elegance, therefore, comes naturally to you and wearing the Q18S will make you look and feel elegantly dressed. In addition, wearing such a powerfully made wristwatch on your hand will put you ahead of the game and you do not have to do much to compete with other ladies around you.


Family Low Prices is giving you their best shot by making sure you have full access to a number of their best items on sale such as their smart watches for women. These watches are selling at affordable prices and they take first place in your dress attire. You will stand out of the crowd wearing such masterpieces around your wrist and you can bet the ladies eyeing you will get inspired by your new look while the men will be tempted to go out of their way just to meet you. After all, you are a lady who has great taste and your watch companion will make you meet all the expectations required of you. Therefore, continue being as sweet as you are in your new smart watch.

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