It used to all be about Playstation VR. Today, more and more gamers are turning to smartphone VR. To enjoy playing amazing games like Oculus Rift and other VR games, technology is developing at a rapid rate.   The best value vr headset for iPhone users are wicked equipment to own for the best in sound, two-way communication, and game motion pictures for that all-important virtual reality experience.  And the 2017 Shinedown 2.0 3D glasses give you that awesome virtual reality experience so many smartphone gamers now crave.

This head-mounted display has a good screen size, brilliant field of view, downloadable apps, and Bluetooth controllers to ensure an awesome immersive experience. In addition, it comes with your own iPhone attachment so you can keep in touch with the world. Its features are many and you can block out the outside world if you want to. Without a doubt, the headset will give you the power to be who you want to be in your own awesome way.

What is a VR headset?

Virtual reality (VR) headset is goggle-like apparatus worn over the eyes and strapped behind the head so you can get a high-definition image popping up before your eyes on its screen. It is actually a game board, and you can control your characters if you use the device well enough.

The apparatus will function depending on what command you give it by just a slight tilt of your head. Take, for example, if you tilt your head slightly right, the character image will move to the right of the screen and the same goes for your left as well. VR headsets are not exactly new to the technology world, however, because they have been around for some time now.


The owners at Family Low Prices makes it their business to give you top-notch items and the Shinecon 2.0 head glasses is among the best in its niche. It is no wonder so many consumers are taking the store seriously and purchasing this innovative one-of-a-kind virtual reality glasses.

Unlike other headpieces that may come up short on features, the VR headset for iPhone has an array of functions that makes it stands out from the competition. It has enough flexibility so that you can have the option to adjust sight and hearing anytime you want. It is easy to handle so that even if you are a beginner VR headgear user, you will master its controls in no time. Using it is just like counting 1 2 3.

With such incredible features available to you, manufacturers of the product are taking technology one bold step further and thus giving you a top innovative product that is next to none. Since the features are so groundbreaking, you will get the best view and listening system for your pleasure, as well as clear two-way transmission communication technology so you can stay in touch with the world.

The VR headset is a perfect fit for phone accessories such as the iPhone. In addition, it is suitable for Samsung Galaxy  and any other model cell phones that carry sizes.

Some Other Top Features Include:

  • Optical resin lenses that are of high-definition
  • Comfortable wear that fits easily around your head
  • Great use for your iOS and android smartphones
  • Flexible enough to fit all eyes, both near and far-sighted people
  • No vertigo feeling optical system that is revolutionary
  • Lightweight so you can easily transport it by hand
  • Contains 360-degree video so you and the whole family can enjoy movies in the comfort of your home
  • Pupil adjustable distance feature
  • Adjustable focal distance

Some hardware specifics that the 3D glasses are made with are:

  1. An adjustable strap that gives you the option to adjust to your head size
  2. Ergonomic belt
  3. Pre-positive radiator
  4. Big lenses so you can see clearly
  5. PU patch
  6. Absorbed radiator panel
  7. Optical lenses that are large in size
  8. Adjustable headset


The greatest technologies made to you for sale so that you will enjoy watching your favorite characters and listening to your most loved songs. The VR headset for iPhone is designed to bring you maximum comfort and keep you in touch with the virtual world.

You can enjoy top technology with an innovative system in virtual mode to mix with your relaxation time as you connect with family and friends through your iPhone service. What better way to relax and get more innovated than using a VR headpiece to set you in the mood for achieving your dream of catching up with science. Therefore, simplify your life by owning the one-of-a-kind virtual headset so you can have the best in technology breakthrough right at your fingertips.