Women love to look their best, especially when they are out in the public eye and you are no exception to the rule.

Therefore Family Low Prices has a great smart watch series (also known as wear smartwatches) for women available in their collection and you can be sure that wearing one of them will make you look your best and offer many apps to help you get through the day with a breeze.

Elegant things belong to the most beautiful women in the world, and you are one of those women! Therefore, let your hair down as you wear your shiny smart watch out in public.


1. Garmin Hybrid Smartwatch

Amazing watch, I love the classic, minimalistic look it has, but while being able to have all the smart features of other watches. This watch is very discreet but packed with technology, it is funny to see peoples reaction when they realize that there is an actual screen behind that hands.

You will look great wearing your best friend around your wrist and you will feel comfortable around elite people as well. Your friends will enjoy being with you because of the increased status the latest smartwatch gives you as it is wearable and goes with any outfit—and you will always stand out from the crowd.

The Style is a great alternative for people who want the convenience and form factor of a traditional watch with the connected features of a smartwatch. 

Garmin Rose

Smaller-sized Hybrid Smartwatch with Hidden Touchscreen Display

  • Hybrid smartwatches with sophisticated analog looks and advanced smart features
  • Hidden touchscreen display reacts to your movements and is only visible when you need it
  • Stay connected with smart notifications for incoming calls, text messages, calendar view and more (with a compatible smartphone)
  • Tune in to your health 24/7 with Pulse Ox (this is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition) and Body Battery energy monitor features and by tracking your menstrual cycle, stress, sleep, estimated heart rate and more


Garmin Rose Hidden Display

Hidden Display

The display only appears when you need it. Interact with the touchscreen, and the hands dynamically move away.

Garmin Rose Notification

Smart Notifications

Receive emails, texts and alerts right on your watch, when paired with a compatible smartphone.

Garmin Rose Calendar

Calendar View

Easily see your plans for the day with a dedicated calendar widget.